iPhone 7 Plus

After ordering October 13, it took nearly a month for my iPhone 7 Plus to be delivered. But, man was it worth it. I’ve been using an iPhone 6 Plus since it launched in 2014. The number of people who ask me if it’s too big is pretty absurd. Once and for all, it is not too big. It fits just fine in my pocket. With all the speculation the iPhone 7S (if the naming convention continues which no one expects it to) being the…Continue Reading “iPhone 7 Plus thoughts following month delay”

It’s the morning after Americans voted to put Donald Trump into the White House. When I woke up this morning (almost late mind you since I was up late watching the circus coverage) my daily ritual of checking social media was interesting. My Republican friends were giddy while my Democrat friends were ready to move to Canada, mostly in jest I think. Any one who knows me would tell you I like to cut to the chase and doing so you must ask “why?”. The…Continue Reading “My take on why America elected Trump as a third party voter”

Louisiana often is near the bottom in good things (education) and near the top in bad things (incarceration). The latter has presented an opportunity for Louisiana to do something for the people it imprisons — make them better people. Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola for short because of its location in Angola, La.) is run by Warden Burl Cain and in his 20-plus years on the job, Cain has taken once the most violent prison in America to one with a much lower violent crime rate. In the…Continue Reading “A strange place Louisiana is a place the nation can learn from its ways”

Louisiana Tech opens its football season Saturday inside Joe Aillet Stadium as they face the Southern University Jaguars. Host Jonathan Ford and guest co-host Chris Brister talk about the game and its matchups with beat writer Les East of The Advocate in Baton Rouge. Tech is entering its final season under contract with Nike and are looking to change apparel companies and Ford and Brister discussed the options and their impact.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. I was raised in Southeast Louisiana and my parents and brother live in the New Orleans Metropolitan are when Katrina hit but they had sought refuge in South Arkansas with family. That day 10 years ago I was a senior at Louisiana Tech and could not stop reading or watching anything to do with the storm and the aftermath that would follow. It would…Continue Reading “Hurricane Katrina 10th Anniversary”

Wednesday I was on the radio with Sean Fox. Fox and I have known one another since high school and went to college together at Louisiana Tech. He was the host of Fox and Company a daily sports talk show on ESPN Radio 97.7 in Ruston for years and recently came back to the radio waves hosting The Sports Company everyday from 3-6pm.