My take on why America elected Trump as a third party voter

It’s the morning after Americans voted to put Donald Trump into the White House. When I woke up this morning (almost late mind you since I was up late watching the circus coverage) my daily ritual of checking social media was interesting. My Republican friends were giddy while my Democrat friends were ready to move to Canada, mostly in jest I think.

Any one who knows me would tell you I like to cut to the chase and doing so you must ask “why?”. The why for me was summarized in one 140 character tweet. Does the tweet show all the intricacies of why? No. But ultimately, Trump’s candidacy is on the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

I’m hardly the only person to have this thought. Thomas Frank from The Guardian wrote a piece last night about this very thing. This excerpt sums it up nicely.

The woman we were constantly assured was the best-qualified candidate of all time has lost to the least qualified candidate of all time. Everyone who was anyone rallied around her, and it didn’t make any difference.

Wikileaks proved the DNC’s Primary was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor but yet the establishment still backed her from the banks to former Republican political heavyweights like George W. Bush they all backed Clinton.

Trump won in states Barack Obama ran away with in 2008 and 2012, like Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. The “why” for the latter three was jobs. Trump hammered home his stance of American jobs leaving in favor over production outside of our country and those states responded.

Many Republicans did not even have Trump as their preferred choice for the nomination but they went with it. Many wondered if the turnouts of Trump rallies would mean anything in the polls, I guess we know the answer.

The media was all in on Clinton outside of one network, Fox News (shocking I know). The numbers crunchers at projected Clinton’s chances yesterday before the results started coming in at 71% to win. As battleground states like Florida, Ohio and North Carolina began looking like Trump wins they adjusted quickly and Trump all of a sudden was the favorite. The L.A. Times was one of the few who saw this coming as far as pollsters go – their take on what they saw others missed.

All of this is before we take into account the human element of all of the Clintons’ skirting of the law. From Benghazi to the e-mail fiasco or even the past with her husband President Bill Clinton. How would people take Hillary acting like the laws don’t apply to her like they do the rest of us?

Was Hillary the best the DNC could come up with as their candidate?

Was Trump the best the GOP could come up with? Probably not, but they trusted the numbers from their convention and rolled the dice. Good news for the GOP, those dice didn’t come up snake eyes.

As someone who could not in good conscience vote for Trump or Clinton, I penned this Monday on Facebook. I still believe it to be true. We missed a golden opportunity as a people to elect a third-party candidate. My chosen third-party candidate was Evan McMullin. He did very well in his home state of Utah but I believe entered the race too late.

Thankfully tomorrow this whole he said she said game will be over. If there ever was an election for this country to reverse its way of thinking and elect someone outside of the two major parties, this was it. Alas, we’re a country of sheeple.

For my friends supporting Trump. If a man ever spoke to my wife the way he speaks of and to women someone would have to hold me back from having an altercation. And that’s not even the only reason for me not to support him.

For my friends supporting Hillary. If you can in good conscience vote for someone with her past of lies and deceit and justify it, you might want to have a “Come to Jesus” with yourself. There’s other options if you’re considered liberal or progressive.

I understand the argument Conservatives bring about the Supreme Court. But, a third-party candidate could also put conservative justices in place. A stat I heard from the pastor of Denton Bible Church, as he tried to sway his congregation to vote for Trump, about the 2012 election was how 25,000,000 Evangelicals didn’t vote in 2012. Not only do I wish him luck with the IRS as that video has gone viral when it comes to his church’s 501(c)3 status, but imagine if those 25,000,000 people stood up against this “system” we have in place and voted third-party. It would change the political landscape in this county forever.

Last night was like watching a train wreck for me. As someone who enjoys immensely watching people interact it was as much that as watching the completely unexpected unfold in front of my eyes.

Is this the new normal in American politics? A circus?


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  1. Brandon Harrell · November 9, 2016

    Well said. After seeing how much was stacked against Republicans (regardless of who their nominee was) by the DNC and Clinton I can honestly say that I believe only Trump stood a chance of beating her. He had no baggage from a prior elected position, huuuge name recognition, and business experience.

    I doubt this would ever happen but I am curious if an “uncharged” person could receive a pardon. Were they trying to tarnish her campaign by announcing the re-opening of an investigation and then closing it 8 days later? Will they let this lay dormant until Obama is out of office and then charge sometime next year?

    • J. Ford · November 9, 2016

      I’m not so sure someone else could’ve also beaten her but we’ll never know. I hope Rand Paul will get some notoriety during Trump’s candidacy and maybe be the next. He’s moderate enough to unit the two parties. Honestly Trump is too but he was so divisive in his campaigning, maybe on purpose, that he doesn’t seem so moderate when he really is.

      I think Hillary will no be charged and the investigation will be dropped on her specifically. The foundation on the other hand will continue to be investigated but no one with the last name Clinton will be charged or serve any time.