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Louisiana Tech forward Jaron Johnson gets a reverse dunk putback against UTSA Thursday night Feburary 7, 2013. Tech won the game 74-49 to stay undefeated in WAC play and go to 20-3 and be the fastest to 20 wins in the history of Tech basketball.

There’s few places who have experienced the economic downturn in America like the city of Detroit. I discovered a website today that is trying “To raise awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces through photography.”

I don’t know what the answer is, but there are many beautiful buildings falling down on themselves because the city cannot support them any more.

I have started upping the ante on my interview style videos by mixing b-roll footage into the interviews. Here is my latest. This time with Louisiana Tech head basketball coach Mike White on Tech’s 18-3 record and 9-0 record in the Western Athletic Conference.

I put this on Facebook earlier on another video and started watching more videos of him so here it is again.

When I was in junior high I went to a jazz camp in New Orleans (I played saxophone) and this little kid was there that the musicians teaching us called “Shorty”. He couldn’t read music but was probably the most talented kid at the camp. Wynton Marsalis came in one day as well and of course is one of the best known modern day jazz musicians. Little did we know Shorty would become very famous himself. He is now known as Trombone Shorty and he and his band were on the Billboard Jazz Charts for their latest album for a long time last year.

Here is my friend Shorty performing with his band:

The current generation of children is expected to live 5 years less than their parents. This is the first time in history a generation is expected to live a shorter life than their parents. Let’s see if we can get those 5 years back for them.