Month: June 2012

Congrats to Miss Louisiana Tech Lauren Vizza for being crowned Miss Louisiana.


This past week I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the current Miss Tech 2012, Lauren Vizza. These photos plus a few more will be used in the Miss Louisiana Pageant program. Enjoy! 


“Pistol” Pete Maravich, one of the most exciting players in basketball history, would’ve turned 65 on Friday. The LSU graduate remains the all-time leading scorer in Division 1 history with 3,367 points, an average of 44 points per game. He was also a five-time NBA all-star and a member of the league’s 50th anniversary team. (James Drake/SI)

SI VAULT: Pete Maravich discusses life as college hoops’ top player (12.1.69)

This is a cool shot of Pete Maravich as a New Orleans Jazz.

If you’ve heard John Mayer’s new album you need to watch this. Heck, watch it anyway. It’s awesome!


The wonderful Greg Leisz recording his pedal steel performance at the end of Queen of California. We only ended up using flourishes of his playing in the final track but all of it was spectacular and deserves to be heard… One of the very few unseen videos from the recording of Born and Raised.