On June 6, 1944,  Allied forces launched the greatest amphibious invasion in history.  Over 150,000 soldiers, sailors, and airmen stormed the beaches of Normandy, beginning a campaign that would end with the unconditional surrender of Germany in May 1945.

On June 5, 1944, General Eisenhower had given orders for the operation to begin.  The code name for the plan was OVERLORD, and it delivered five naval assault divisions to the beaches of Normandy, France. The beaches were given the code names UTAH, OMAHA, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD.

The invasion force included 7,000 ships and landing craft manned by over 195,000 naval personnel from eight allied countries.

Almost 133,000 troops from England, Canada and the United States landed on D-Day. Casualties from the three countries during the landing numbered 10,300. By June 30th, over 850,000 men, 148,000 vehicles, and 570,000 tons of supplies had landed on the Normandy shores.

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